Samadhi Statue

Cost estimated for the construction of the Gigantic Samadhi Buddha Statue expected to be constructed in North - Vavuniya AWARANTHULAWA at the end of two thousand five hundred and fifty five years (2555BE) the passing away of Lord Buddha.

Project Details FIRST PROJECT
Title of the Project World’s largest Sri Sambuddharajha Samadhi statue 522 feet in height under construction for the first time on this earth for the sake of War Heroes
Project site North - Vavuniya AWARANTHULAWA
Estimation Designing Sculpture Architect Senior Lecturer Sarath Maldeniya
Dimension of the Buddha Statue 522 feet in height (348 Riyan)
Material expected to be used for the construction of the Buddha Statue 1.Concrete
2. Jero Concrete
3. Bricks lime plaster

1. Inspection of the site for construction of the statue and preparation of the estimate Rs. 585,000.00
2. Preparation of the ground for construction of statue drawing lines according to the plan and excavation of foundation Rs. 2,680,000.00
3. Concrete base for the base pits for construction Rs. 17,055,000.00
4. Preliminary construction work (Scaffolding, Crane, Protective Supporter, Deployment of labor for construction) Rs. 46,035,000.00
5. Labor for construction Rs. 54,525,000.00
Inspection of the site for construction of the statue and preparation of the estimate Rs. 585,000.00
6. Use of Raw material for construction steel Iron, Granite Bricks cement lime plaster Rs. 110,500,000.00
7. Finishing and color painting (water proof) Rs. 63,560,000.00
8. Sculpture Technical and counseling charges Rs. 42,570,000.00
9. Insurance and Security expenses Rs. 76,000,000.00
10. Engineering and Technical Evaluation Rs. 43,750,000.00
11. Architect planning, Supervision evaluation Rs. 26,045,000.00
12. Other expenses
i. Inspection of location by Engineers & consultants
ii. Reinforcing before laying foundation
iii. Piling before the construction
iv. Increase by 30% of transportation expenses
Rs. 528,350,000.00
13. Total expenditure Rs: 1011,655,000.00

I wish to state that it will be possible to plan and complete the construction work with the prescribed standard and with responsibility for duration within a period of 30 months provided that the necessary financial provision and services facilities are supplied in due time.

Plan of the Statue


Approval of Aviation
Archaeology Approval
Approval for the Land